6 Items You Need for Traveling as a Digital Nomad

I have been traveling and exploring coworking spaces around the world for over a year now and have found a few items have become essential to making my journey easier as a digital nomad.

First off, you can’t do much without a laptop. I just recently changed brands. What computer do you think you need as a digital nomad?

A good bag is also essential. I chose to backpack. I found that a carry on bag got annoying over long distances and you often had less space in the bag to fit what you needed.

I used an Osprey Backpacking bag from REI. If you haven’t been to an REI, go. They are amazing. I am linking to it via Amazon below though.

The other four items were things I used every single week of my journey.

Cell Phone Tripod – Do you ever want to take video for FB Live, Instagram Stories, or just video of a sunset without the shakiness?

Portable Hard Drive – I bought this 4 TB hard drive so that I never had to worry about losing anything or running out of space on my laptop.

Portable Speaker – Do you love music? I have used this speaker while hiking, relaxing at the beach, in a hostel, and in so many other places when you just needed to listen to something.

Fountain Pen – There is something nostalgic and awesome about walking to a place in a new city or in the countryside with just a notebook and fountain pen. This pen makes you feel like you are deliberately writing. Not chicken scratch. It forces you to think about the act of writing and not just what you are writing.

Have you used any other products or tools that have proven useful on your travels?

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