My name is Robert Kropp and I started Cowork22

For the full story: check out How it all Started. There you can read about my experiences with separation, couch living, meeting a pop star in Miami, going to the Clemson / Alabama College National Championship game, getting divorced, quitting my job, and ultimately refocusing my life on experiencing and growing coworking spaces around the world.

Here are the basics about me:


Name: Robert Kropp

Passions: Travel, coworking spaces, and building online tools for businesses

Home Base: Tampa, FL

Birth Place: North Augusta, SC (Technically Augusta, GA but who’s counting). No rolling your eyes. I love South Carolina and being from there.

College: Clemson University (I love this place! If you have not been, go!)

Personal Status: Single (More about this in the How it all Started post)

Religion: Christian (Definitely struggle with this on a daily basis to be better and to have faith)

Politics: Don’t really fit in one of the boxes (A bit of everything)


I have gone through the hardest moments of my life over this last year and have decided one simple thing.

When life changes, change yourself and your situation.


What is Cowork22 all about?

I am going to be traveling to coworking spaces around the country and maybe around the world sharing the best of what I discover. This will by no means be a directory or an exhaustive list, however, I hope to uncover some hidden gems.

I believe coworking spaces are not just four walls with some desks and good wifi.

They can be so much more.

Cards Against Humanity Fundraiser

Cards Against Humanity night that raised money for a tech non profit (TechStart).

I want to help coworking organizations improve their space and strengthen their communities by sharing my experiences and the best of what I learn from each person and business I meet.

Currently I am planning my travel to coworking spaces throughout the country.

How am I deciding on what coworking spaces to visit?

I want to find spaces that have great businesses, interesting people, unique design elements or locations, and wonderful environments that are great for building a community of people focused on helping and growing with each other.

2 requests when I visit:

Neither are required but definitely helpful for me to meet your team and the people that work there!

  1. Free coworking space for the week. Pretty much just need a chair and wifi.

  2. A couch, floor, or bed to sleep throughout the week. I have no problem with multiple different places to stay. I am flexible, pack light, and clean up after myself. I have references! This is a really important part of my trip as I will actually be able to hang out and be a part of your community for a week outside of business hours.

Why would you want me to visit your coworking space?

While visiting a coworking space,  I will be writing and publishing about my experiences with the people, the environment, and the team running the space. I will also write up an article talking about at least one of the businesses in your space. Free promos!

Everyone will also benefit from learning from each other and growing together.

Where should I go next? Contact Me!

I hope to talk with you soon and hopefully meet you along my travels!

If you have questions for me or want me to come visit, reach out to me below.

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