What Computer Do You Need As a Digital Nomad?

Arguably, I spend too much time in front of a monitor. I am in front of a screen from 10 – 14 hours a day. This is how I consume entertainment, make money, grow two different businesses, and connect with people around the world.

I have only used Windows (mainly Toshiba and Acer) computers for years. I liked that the initial cost wasn’t high. The extra expense of Apple products and MacBooks just didn’t seem worth it.

Then came my trip around North America, working in coworking spaces and continuing to increase the amount of time I spent on my laptop.

I started to notice the dramatic amount of time I spend waiting for things, restarting programs, finding wall outlets because I had been working outside and the battery died quickly, etc. Yesterday alone, I spent a half hour waiting for and fixing things that were slow or not working the way I needed them to.

It was easy to accept the problems and think this was just what I had to do in a typical day.

My breaking point came a few weeks ago when my computer randomly stopped turning on while I was in Costa Rica. I spent two hours trying to get it to work one morning. This was not a good use of my time. I did eventually get it started, but this made my decision for me.

It was time for a change.

The more I travel, the more I’ve realized that I needed a smaller, lightweight, more resilient machine with a stable OS that doesn’t have any moving parts so I can walk around with it. I want my new computer to be?about half the size of my last one. This would save me an incredible amount of space and weight when I backpack around Europe in the fall.

For the world-traveling, digital nomad, it’s incredibly important that we spend our time writing and working on our businesses and not have to waste time fixing a computer or protecting it from virus issues. We want to grow and experience our life, not waste our precious resource on computer maintenance.

Hopefully, none of these maintenance and break-down issues will happen again. I am writing this article on my first day with a MacBook Air! This seemed like an appropriate article to start with.

What do I think so far?

At this point, I have spent most of my time doing initial setup and checking out what it can do. I’ve been thinking about making this transition for months as my Windows machine continued to slow down.

It is time for me to drink the Kool-Aid. Right now, the MacBook Air / MacBooks / are the best computers for traveling. They’re the computers for digital nomads.

For those Windows fans out there, I know I can fix it, but my point is that I don’t want to anymore.?I would like to mention that I would get a Windows computer again if my issues are resolved, but for now it is Apple’s turn.

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