Confessions Of A Digital Nomad: Do Digital Nomads Live Happier Lives?

This is Article 5 on my Confessions of a Digital Nomad Series on Allwork.Space!

The freedom and ability to live anywhere in the world as a digital nomad is what drives me and has helped me experience some of the happiest moments of my life. I came up with this list to entice you to think about what the future of work could look like for you.

4 Reasons that Digital Nomads Live Happier Lives!

The digital nomad lifestyle of choice and freedom is one that breeds happiness.

I urge everyone to seek happiness and push the boundaries of the boxes they?ve created in life, whether that is becoming a digital nomad, starting their own business, or simply embarking on a project that?s been put on hold for too long.

I love being a digital nomad working out of shared workspaces and coworking spaces. If you have any questions for me about how to make your experience a better one, feel free to ask me a question or start a chat.


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