Coworking and the Changing Nature of Commuting

Now that we have gone through the Basics of a Coworking Space and the 9 Types of Coworking Spaces, let’s focus on getting to your coworking space of choice.

With the creation and expansion of coworking spaces, many of us have the opportunity to choose how long and by what means (bus, car, train, bike, walk, etc) we commute each day.

Part of the reason I chose to work from the NGIN Workplace in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was because I could take the train there easily. The train is more convenient and relaxing than a car for me!

Why is this important?

Each day, billions of people go to work. Many of them need to travel or commute.

I have friends in the Atlanta and Charlotte areas of the Southern United States, that travel more than 45 minutes to an hour each day. For some in the northeast, this is a short commute as many people drive 2 hours each way.

This is not that uncommon.

One of the things coworking and shared workspaces provide is the ability to choose where and how long you need to travel to get to your work.

Many people, when given the choice, have a maximum commute radius around their house that they don’t want to exceed.

The question is simple: Would you want to spend an hour in the car twice a day if you could spend 10 minutes or even 5?

Many people would say no. What would you say?

Unless you have to or want to be at a specific workspace (because of friends, prestige, opportunity), this question is incredibly simple to answer.

Before we even talk about community building, networking benefits, cost savings, and the rest, coworking can provide a great time savings for many people that commute.

One thing that often comes up in discussions is working at home versus working at a coworking space. I could discuss this topic for days and will write an article about it soon.

However, to put it simply for now, being able to walk out the door and switch my mindset away from home and to work is extremely powerful and important for me as a remote worker and digital nomad. When I am at home, I am constantly pulled into non-work related tasks that are neither urgent nor important. They are just there, and the pull to do a simple task (Ie. dishes, laundry, oh a quick 20 minute lunch in front of the tv) can be overwhelming and thoroughly distracting.

If you find working from home is wonderful and you are able to stay focused and involved with people in a social way, then congratulations! I would say that you are succeeding where many people do not.

Back to the message at hand:

Whether you travel 20 minutes or an hour to work, having the flexibility to choose where you work, what type of space you work in, and who you work around can change your life. Coworking can provide all of this for you. Just imagine being able to make these choices to match your workplace with your personality and your lifestyle. This simple decision can save you time, energy, and stress on a daily basis.

What do you think? What does being able to choose your commute and the people that you work around mean to you?

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