erranT Coworking Space Intro | Granada, Spain

Where am I off to this week?

The eleventh stop on my 2017 European Tour as a digital nomad continued at the erranT coworking space in Granada, Spain.

So why did I choose erranT?

Location. Location. Location. Located in the heart of Granada, erranT coworking space was only a few blocks from where I was staying. It was a 5 minute walk for me but also close to public transportation options if you lived a little further out! Not only was this coworking space extremely convenient but I loved their slogan:

“One of our slogans is that at home not working. erranT coworking space Granada is a place that allows you to organize your work time and your time off, leave the solitude of home and change it to meet other professionals from other sectors and activities.”

ErranT wants to improve not only someone’s work life by meeting more professionals in the area but also everyday life by helping to balance our time working and our time off. Whether you are a coworker that stays in one place or a digital nomad traveling to many different places while working, keeping work and life separated can be a consistent challenge. However, through coworking and shared workspaces, I find I am able to have a better balance between the two and lead a better life.

From this slogan to the vibe of their website and social media, I knew I had to check this space out.

I contacted erranT and they invited me to work their during the last few days of the week that I was in Granada.

Although a smaller space, the location, the people, and the vibe were great for me. From the moment I arrived to the time I left, it was active with people working, chatting, and planning evenings out together for drinks and food.

As usual, my first day started off with meeting the team, a few coworkers, and a quick tour.

After my intro to the space, I picked a desk near one of the many windows and got to work.

The owners of the space and the people that worked there opened their community to me and helped me discover more great things to love about Granada. Each day, I was able to explore the many different options for food in the area. I had so many recommendations from the coworkers I met. Often times I would just bring the food back as many people ate together in the space for lunch.

Arguably, due to Spanish culture but also the types of businesses working out of this coworking space, many people worked later into the evening. 8 or 9 PM was quite common. For me as a digital nomad working with people primarily in the East Coast of the United States, this was perfect as 9 PM was 3 PM in Florida.

The joy of working across timezones as a digital nomad. 9 – 5 PM isn’t always an option. It is important for me to work on a schedule based on what my client’s need. They didn’t choose to travel. I did.

ErranT is an easy space for me to like as it does the coworking basics well (fast internet, tasty coffee) and has a wonderful community of people.

My last day in erranT involved me working into the night and joining some coworkers meeting other friends out at a nearby restaurant for tapas and drinks. What a great way to end a wonderful working week in Granada!

I am definitely looking forward to returning here to work for much longer.

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Where should I go next? What questions do you want me to answer to help you on your journey?

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