Give the Gift of Workspace

By spreading the word about #GiftWorkspace, workspaces are working together on a campaign focused on supporting the entire industry.

Not only do we have an opportunity to expand the number of potential users of workspaces throughout the industry, we can in turn support the personal and professional needs of  people, teams, and organizations as flexibility becomes more and more critical.

Without rehashing everything we all know, let’s recap 2020 and why #GiftWorkspace is needed:

  1. Ongoing lockdowns and quarantines forced workspaces to review business models and adapt to the changing needs of their customers and government regulations.
  2. More people work from home (WFH) than ever before.
  3. WFH works for many for at least part of the week.
  4. Many people working at home face challenges such as wellness issues, mental health challenges, the blurring of work and life, and more.
  5. Remote work and flexible work normalized significantly.
  6. Organizations adapted to these changes and made some level of work from home or outside of a central office a standard for the majority of the week moving forward.
  7. The longer the pandemic continued, the less likely workspaces, commutes, and more u-turn to pre 2020 uses.

As a result of such an unexpected year of change with all of its twists and turns, we posed the following question in the fall of 2020 to a number of friends and colleagues in the industry:

What if the whole industry could promote the benefits of flexible workspace through gifting?

The idea was born out of trends we had seen in the hospitality industry around prepaid vouchers and gift certificates.

Instead of a weekend getaway, spa day, or dinner out, a day in the right workspace and at the right time can change the productivity and satisfaction of a person on that day but also help them test out new ways of working that they may never have considered.

However a workspace wants to implement the #GiftWorkspace concept there is plenty of room for new offerings, interest and ultimately revenue for workspaces globally.

A few examples of how gifting workspace can impact the industry:

Know someone working from home? #GiftWorkspace to yourself, colleague or friend for those times when you need a change. #wfh #worknearhome

Learn more and get inspired by what is being done globally at By signing up to the newsletter, you are also able to get featured on the GiftWorkspace site, social media, and receive a marketing playbook to help you jump start your marketing and sales activities.

We are looking forward to discovering and sharing how people implement and grow this concept into what they need for their workspace but also for the cities, neighborhoods and communities around them. 

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