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Where am I off to this week?

My twelfth and final stop on my 2017 European Tour as a digital nomad?continued in Lisbon, Portugal, at Home Lisbon Hostel’s Coworking Space.

So why did I choose Home Lisbon Hostel?

After talking with some friends over the summer, I knew I had to go to Portugal. It was described as having a great culture, beautiful views and architecture, and overall a love of life. I just had to find my way there.

It just happens that Lisbon also has some very reasonable and direct flights back to Florida which is why it became my last stop on this coworking and digital nomad journey throughout Western Europe.

I started my search as I always do with finding housing in a city along with a coworking space nearby that I would like to experience. After a little bit of time, I knew that the Home Lisbon Hostel was where I wanted to stay and they also had an attached coworking space! This would be my first hostel that actually has a specifically branded coworking space. I was definitely excited.

When I first arrived, the hostel was everything I had hoped. Open and friendly groups of people. The owner and her family were incredible. The home cooked food every night was perfect. All that was left was to explore what it was like to work in their coworking space.

Although not overly large, I found it quite comfortable and easy to work in with plenty of big windows letting light in all day.

I kept the espresso maker working all day as I needed to work until 10 PM each night to work with clients in the United States. Caffeine!

This space had exactly what I needed for my last few days in Europe during 2017. The internet was strong. The coffee was hot. Their weren’t a lot of people there but I did get to chat with a few locals that were working out of the space which was nice.

Best of all, it was free to use as part of staying in the hostel. I could go there whenever I liked and stay as long as I wanted.

Even on their website, they expressed:

It?s the perfect place to work while you’re traveling.

For many people and digital nomads included, this type of coworking space is great for just plugging in and getting things done. Once you are done, you can go explore the wonderful city that is Lisbon.

Next time I am in Lisbon, I will definitely stop back by as I continue to explore the rest of what our industry has to offer around the world.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the spaces I worked out of on?Cowork22’s European Journey of 2017 as a digital nomad building a business while traveling and working in coworking spaces.

Where should I go next? What questions do you want me to answer to help you on your journey?

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