Where am I working this week?

Today, I wanted to discover more about coworking in Dubai and decided to go to a workspace near Burj Khalifa called Impact Hub Dubai. I had an opportunity to visit one of these spaces before in Japan and was curious as to how it was different.

I reached out to the space and was invited to drop in for the day to experience what the office had to offer.

Why should you work in the Impact Hub Dubai?

Well, it is located directly below the tallest building in the world which was definitely something I wanted to see. Also, since Impact Hub as a brand stretches across many different continents and countries, I wanted to see how their communities and workspaces change with the different cultures and locations.

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When I first entered the space, I was greeted by a nice woman at the front desk who showed me around, helped me find the coffee, and got me connected to the WIFI. It isn’t always typical to have someone at the front of a space, however, when that happens it can be great for immediately connecting me to the space and potentially it’s members if I am able to meet anyone on that first tour.

basics of a coworking space were fulfilled here.

workspaces I have worked out of during the last few years of working remotely around the world.

Where should I work out of next? Would you like me to come to your office or workspace and share my thoughts and experiences with you? If so, send me a message.

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