My Journey to Tokyo, Japan via LA

It wasn’t long ago that I was still in Europe on my 2017 Digital Nomad European Tour. I plan to continue traveling, writing, and building a business while I explore coworking spaces throughout the world, however, I had no idea where life would lead me!

If you don’t know much about me, read about my story and why I am a digital nomad exploring coworking spaces around the world.

When I left Lisbon, my last stop of 2017, my original plan was to come back to Spain for a few months, explore more coworking spaces, and learn Spanish, finally!

What was unexpected was an opportunity to live in Japan for a fews months while I continued to experience new coworking spaces, build my business as a digital nomad, and connect on a different level with friends I met while on my journeys.

Japan? Really? My family was like what are you doing but ok. They know me well enough by now to trust that I am a good traveler and am as careful as I need to be. I also don’t meet many strangers which is a good thing for breaking the ice in new places.

So what was next? I had no plan. I booked a flight first to LA and then another flight to Tokyo. I didn’t want to go there directly. Unless I absolutely have to, I do not ever want to spend an entire day traveling.

What else? I suppose I need a place to live.

I had some help finding Borderless-House?which looked like a great way to connect with locals, fellow travelers, and to save a bit of money by paying on a month to month basis instead of nightly.

I guess that is it for now.

All this happened from decision making to booking in under 3 weeks. Kind of ridiculous, I know, but sometimes you have to make a decision in life.

My heart was pulling me to Tokyo. What else is there?

My life is definitely a bit random. Neither better than others or worse. Just different.

Having not planned much of this trip before jumping on my flight to Los Angeles for a week before flying to Tokyo for 4 months, I downloaded a number of guides of things to do, Japanese vocabulary, etiquette, and food to try just to get a base of knowledge started before going abroad to Asia for the first time.

Definitely looking forward to this next journey and what all it has to offer! Cheers to learning things on the fly.

First stop, Los Angeles!

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