Where am I working this week?

As part of my journey to Tokyo, I had an opportunity to take a side trip to work remotely in Dubai. Once I arrived, I started my research into what Dubai offered in terms of coworking and shared workspaces. There are a number of options, however, I did discover something new. There was a coworking space in a hotel!

The Tryp by Wyndham opened NEST which was only about a 20 minute metro ride from where I was staying. I reached out to the space and was invited to drop in for the day to experience what the space had to offer.

Why should you work in NEST?

Easy. I decided to work out of NEST because it was the first hotel with a coworking space that I had experienced. I have always thought that there were a lot of interesting benefits that hotels could provide coworking and vice versa.

Coworking in a hotel has some interesting possibilities!

When I arrived at the hotel, I wasn’t sure exactly where to go.I talked to the lady at the front desk and she directed me to the elevators.

There is definitely a benefit to having staff available at anytime of the day or night. Cher and the team at NEST were in the space ready to give me a tour.

The office and flexible workspace looked great!

Photo from http://www.nestdubai.co

NEST has all of the basics of a coworking space. There are many different nooks and quiet spaces to have meetings and get work done along with phone booths, lockers, conference rooms, and of course fast WIFI and tasty coffee.

Quiet Spaces
Comfortable Seating

Best of all, you are also able to take advantage of the amenities of the hotel.

This includes food from the hotel kitchen, access to the pool and gym, and even a discount at the restaurant.

There are many advantages of a shared workspace in a hotel that would bring me back here.

The community and space managers were helpful and maintained the space in a wonderful way. They had obviously had hospitality training and there was an operational process in place to keep things running smoothly. All of the basics were done well and having access to the hotel amenities was a huge plus.

One challenge for me was a difficulty in getting a vibe for the space since I was only working out of this space for a day. However, I did meet a few people and found it interesting that most people that worked here were expats in Dubai as well.

When I am back in Dubai, I would definitely be back and would like to take advantage of one of their packages which includes a discounted stay in the hotel with the ability to work out of the NEST coworking space.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the rest of the workspaces I have worked out of during the last few years of working remotely from around the world.

Where should I work out of next? If you want me to come to your space or city and cover what flexible and shared working looks like, let me know.

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