Nomadic Leaders: Changing Your Life Through Travel

The Challenge of Working While Traveling

I’ve now been traveling and working on the road for over 6 months, and I’ve definitely felt the highs and lows of this lifestyle. It is freeing, and yet that freedom can be stressful. The daily schedule can overwhelm. Often the focus is on the moment, and sometimes you lose sight of where you want to go. What is my end goal? Where do I want to be? As with business planning, if you don’t have an outcome in mind, you will probably hit it. To put it another way, without a plan many businesses flounder and never achieve the success they should.

Back in the fall, I was introduced to Tara Sage Steeves through a connection I made during my first week of coworking in Rhode Island. She told me about a fantastic new program she is putting together called Nomadic Leaders.

What Is Nomadic Leaders?

Tara describes it as, “So much more than a Leadership Program. Adding international travel to the leadership program makes it unique beyond comparison. You can ONLY have this kind, and this level, of leadership education and growth when you travel alongside other evolving leaders.”

In short, the program includes: An intensive 3 months of traveling, leadership training, and mastermind pow-wows all with the goal of taking you from where you are in life, business, and with personal development to where you want to be.

What I really like about the program is the expert facilitator who helps participants discover things about themselves that they would not have known otherwise. Even as a coworker and remote worker / traveler, I find it’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day logistics and lose focus on growing toward the future.

Tara and her program works on both of these aspects – growing our business but also improving ourselves. I see this often. We all get focused on our daily lives, our next project and deadline. It is important for us to step back and learn about who we are as leaders and innovators so we can grow into who we want to be, not only for ourselves, but for our businesses and personal relationships.

On top of this, when a person is traveling we are already looking into ourselves and this new, “foreign” place. Traveling is one of the few things in life that forces us to look at who we are, and question why we are here. You may wonder what you want to do with your life. All of this is done through the lens of a new culture and environment. Matching this experience with a leadership expert, ongoing training, and other likeminded people, this program is destined to be a powerful and vital experience for anyone who joins.

The details are still coming about where and when the first Nomadic Leader’s journey will take place. However, it is definitely worth checking out in the meantime.

Visit Nomadic Leader’s Website for more information.

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