Opodz Intro | Los Angeles, California

Where am I off to this week?

As part of my journey to Tokyo, I decided to stop at a coworking space I had heard about a year early and didn’t have the opportunity to experience. Fortunately, when I reached out this time to Opodz?in Los Angeles, California, we were able to connect and they welcomed me into the space for the day.

So why did I choose Opodz?

There are many reasons I chose this space to work out of this week but I can’t deny that the?location was perfect.?Opodz is located in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA. Not only was this a short walk from where I was staying but I was also able to check out a small amount of Japanese culture and food in the area. After all, in a few days, I was getting on a plane to Tokyo, Japan.

Walking up to Opodz in Little Tokyo.

When I first arrived at the space, I met?Ryo and John who chatted with me for a little while, showed me around, and got me settled into one of the open hot desks. Today was a busy day with people working on both levels of the space. From solo workers to teams working through some ideas together, this space felt collaborative and helpful for anyone looking to get work done but also interested in interacting with their fellow coworkers.

I could definitely feel a strong connection between the members of the space here. It is always incredible to witness people that do more than just work next to each other.

This space and it’s members have truly become a community driving a culture of helping and assisting each other.

This community and the interactions between members often times don’t happen by accident. The design of this space with the kitchen in the center definitely helped drive this culture as it brought people together multiple times during the day to have a cup of tea, take a break, or even to discuss a business problem they were having.

Not only did I find it easy to get work done, but it was fantastic to meet and chat with everyone here. Once I brought up that I was going to Japan, ?a number of members here gave me plenty of recommendations and advice on where to go and what to do which was great.

Many of us also went to an event being held that evening by one of the members to raise money for a great cause in Haiti which was a blast.

Opodz checked off every need that I have for a workspace. Opodz made it easy to get work done, had a wonderful group of friendly members, and the owners curated a culture of bringing the members together into a community that supported and looked after each other.

Next time I am in Los Angeles, I will definitely stop back by to get some work done and say hello ?as I continue to explore the rest of what our industry has to offer around the world.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the workspaces I have worked out of during my last years of coworking around the world.

Where should I go next? What questions do you want me to answer to help you in your space or in improving the way you work?

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