RookieOven Intro | Glasgow, Scotland

Where am I off to this week?

My first stop on my 2017 European Tour as a Digital Nomad, started in Glasgow, Scotland at the RookieOven. From Tampa, I flew to Glasgow, Scotland, as part of a 2 month journey building a business as a digital nomad working in coworking spaces throughout Western Europe.

So why did I choose RookieOven?

Easy. It felt local.

I wanted to experience everything Scotland and Glasgow had to offer. That meant that I wanted to work in a smaller space where I had an easier time meeting and hanging out with it’s members. In my experience, the larger the space, the harder it is to meet anyone.

I first found this space as part of my general search of coworking spaces throughout Glasgow. It showed up almost immediately as one of the top results for coworking in Glasgow.

I reached out to Michael, the founder of RookieOven, a few days before I left the United States and he offered for me to work there a few days.

When I first arrived, I checked into my hostel and relaxed for a minute to unwind and chat with some other people staying there. I was feeling the jet lag and we decided to walk the city to get our bearings and learn more about what this city had to offer. We spent this first morning exploring some museums and the beautiful campus of The University of Glasgow that overlooks the city.

Since I am traveling and working as a digital nomad, I needed to turn back early to get some work done and plug in for a few hours that afternoon.

The next morning, I headed toward the RookieOven.

RookieOven is located in an area in the southwest of Glasgow called Govan. It was a brisk walk from where I was staying or a short subway ride. I am not used to public transportation being from the southern part of the US but found that it was quite easy moving around Glasgow.

I even got to take a free ferry to cross the River Clyde on my way to the office.

When I first arrived, I was greeted by Michael who proceeded to show me around the coworking space and introduce me to the people that worked there.

After chatting for a bit, I plugged in and got to work. My days were busy with work, continually asking people to say something again (struggling with the accent at the beginning), and enjoying my first experience of coworking in Europe.

First off. RookieOven is a great space to work. Lots of natural lighting. Fast internet. Friendly and fun-loving people. Couldn’t ask for more.

Even though this space is open and airy, there are a number of nooks to work away from people or have a meeting.

Being focused on the Glasgow tech community, RookieOven holds many tech events throughout the month. I was even able to attend a meetup of people working on big data / AI projects. One of the projects was even able to look at an object and tell you what it was without any input. Definitely great to learn more about this industry as it will affect much of what we do in the coming years.

When I wasn’t working, there was a highly addictive pool table which we played in the late afternoons. They even used an app to manage the leaderboard. Slightly competitive.

Pool is a great stress reliever and it is always helpful to get away from screens.

After just a few days working out of this space, I found myself missing not only the workspace but the people that worked here.

RookieOven was a wonderful first stop in my 2017 European exploration of coworking. I am definitely looking forward to coming back soon.

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