Where am I off to this week?

While in Chicago, I spent most my time in this coworking space located just steps from the red line and north of downtown in the Uptown neighborhood.

So why did I choose The Shift?

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to check out this space was its neighborhood location. I have explored a few of the downtown coworking spaces and was curious to see what a space located in more of a residential neighborhood would be like. I didn’t realize before arriving that Chicago is, truly, a city of neighborhoods — each with its own distinct style.

After taking the red line to Uptown, I walked up a tree-lined street that led directly to the office. It was a pleasant walk and further impressed upon me the difference between the downtown and neighborhood-style spaces. I felt a certain casual hominess when I walked inside. It is a smaller office that feels intimate, comfortable, but has everything you need — great people, WIFI, and coffee. If that weren’t enough there are also meeting rooms, comfortable chairs, and phone booths.


When I got to The Shift, I met Nicole Vasquez, the incredible owner and community manager. After only a few minutes of talking with Nicole, it was easy to see her drive for growing coworking and building a wonderful community. It’s a pleasure to work around passionate people like her.

She wants The Shift to be a center point of the neighborhood and works to bring people together and create a community where the members know and connect with each other on a consistent basis.

How does she bring people together? She plans and hosts several classes, events, and meetups each month.

One of these meetups sometimes held at The Shift is called “Coffee & Conversation” which is described as a community of entrepreneurs and innovators who value collaboration and share ideas, resources, and inspiration. It is a fantastic meetup for sharing ideas and learning from other people’s experiences.

Nicole is always seen as a community resource, helping people find other members that may be able to help with a project. She’s always available for a quick hello. She knows and remembers everyone’s name. Knowing a name and saying hello can help people be more relaxed and open to interacting with others.

Many of the people I met that worked out of this space lived within a few miles. Whether they walk, drive, or take the bus or train, many of these coworkers loved the location and being able to live so close to their work. This abundance of members living near each other created an instant connection among members.


Even as a coworker who was here for only a few days, it was easy to see the power of location and having an owner who is great at building community. The Shift is a great space. I thoroughly enjoyed working here and am looking forward to the rest of the week.

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