The Cowshed (Hostel) Intro | Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Where am I off to this week?

The fourth stop and my first experience officially working out of a hostel in Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland on my 2017 European Tour as a digital nomad continued at?The Cowshed Hostel.

So why did I choose The Cowshed Hostel?

It so happens that this week, I was working and living in a corner of Scotland known as Uig in the Isle of Skye. There are definitely not enough people living here to make a coworking space the most feasible of businesses. That is why I decided to find a hostel where I felt I could get some work done while also meeting some people. Not currently on the list of Types of Coworking Spaces, hostels have an interesting potential for growing the industry around the world.

When one thinks of a hostel, we imagine a dingy, dirty, and often times a loud place. The Cowshed in Uig was far from this. Recently built on top of a hill overlooking the bay, I had a fantastic place to not only get work done but also to live.

These views were spectacular.

Hostels have always been interesting to me. They are such vibrant places that they feel like perfect matches to coworking spaces. Hostel living is the counterpart to the collaborative community of a coworking space.

Each day, I explored the areas surrounding this hostel. Once 1:30 PM rolled around, I got to work until 10 PM each night. Instead of a lunch break, I made dinner with friends from the hostel. Once I finished work for the night, we hung out late into the morning hours. It was wonderful.

Comfy chairs with a view and the wifi kept up with even my intensive uses.

Coworking as a digital nomad to me has always been focused on the people more than the place I am visiting. Working and living in a hostel was a great mix of spending part of my day surrounded by people for fun and then part of my day working, having calls, and making money.

With views like this along with the many people I met during the week, I would do this again without a second thought.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the spaces I worked out of on?Cowork22’s European Journey of 2017 as a digital nomad building a business while traveling and working in coworking spaces.

Where should I go next? What questions do you want me to answer to help you on your journey?

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