The Distillery Intro | Glasgow, Scotland

Where am I off to this week?

The second stop on my 2017 European Tour as a digital nomad continued in Glasgow, Scotland at?The Distillery.?The Distillery is a coworking space that is part of a community and building known as The Whisky Bond. The Whisky Bond covers seven floors and focuses on creative types such as “designers, photographers, film-makers, architects, brands, social entrepreneurs, marketing specialists and tech startups”.

So why did I choose The Distillery?

I loved the idea of being part of a larger community known as The Whisky Bond. After all, the main reasons I work out of coworking spaces are the people and the relationships. There are seven floors of work and event spaces for a variety of different types of companies from wood working to digital agencies. I find that being surrounded by a mix of people with different backgrounds helps me learn and become better at what I do.

The Distillery is a smaller subsection of this building but holds true to the same ideals with a focus on freelancers, creatives, and startups.

When I first arrived, I noticed something that I missed completely when I was researching.

It is located right on the canals of Glasgow! I spent a number of hours wandering the canals on my way home and across the city.

I even had a sunny day which is a rarity in Scotland!

Upon actually making it into the The Whisky Bond building, I bought a coffee at the cafe downstairs, met up with Abigale who manages the space, and went on a tour of the various floors. I even got to see a woodworking space that was really cool and smelled incredible.?I have always wanted to develop a physical product as I spend almost all my time building digital things for other people. One of these days I will …

After the tour, we went up to The Distillery coworking space, was introduced to a few people and then got to work.

When I work out of a coworking space, I tend to move around. I have found that this makes it far easier to meet people and gives me different perspectives on a space. When you sit in the same place day in and day out, you also get into a routine that is hard to break and tends to create less of a social experience.

For inspiration, I do like comfortable couches like this when I am writing!

I was only able to work here for a short period of time but found myself getting plenty of work done and meeting a number of nice people. I am definitely looking forward to getting back here again.

Check out the rest of the spaces I worked out of on?Cowork22’s European Journey of 2017 as a digital nomad building a business while traveling and working in coworking spaces.

Where should I go next? What questions do you want me to answer to help you on your journey?

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