Why Should I Become a Digital Nomad and Travel the World?

My name is Robert Kropp and I am a digital nomad who lives in Tampa, Florida. I am writing this post on the rooftop of the Zamora?Hotel?in St. Pete Beach. I could have hung out at home or gone to my coworking office, but who doesn’t like a view?

Personally, I like to be out of my element when I am writing. It helps free my mind of distractions, however, these places often come with their own distractions.

You might feel like becoming a digital nomad or remote worker is out of reach, but it probably isn’t.

Becoming a digital nomad or remote worker only requires the flexibility to make money from anywhere in the world.

That is pretty much it. Whether that means becoming a writer or web developer, starting a business, building an app, or working online from 8 o’clock to 6 o’clock every day for your employer, you can do it many ways. You can ask your boss if you can work somewhere else for awhile to test it out. I am a big proponent of short commutes and becoming a person who works on your laptop does that.

With this lifestyle, you really only need Wifi and money to live and eat. That’s it.

So why do it?

Why should you take the plunge into remote working or becoming a digital nomad and travel the world?

Those who don’t want to travel the world but would rather stay put as local remote workers should check out my next article. I will link to it here when it is done.

That is easy for me to say.

The freedom of the journey!

Our life is full of so many possibilities, and I see this journey as a solution for my original idea of becoming a CFO somewhere and retiring when I am 60. I don’t want to wait that long. I don’t see an end to my travels. I no longer really believe in retirement. I want to work hard, live my life today, and not wait for some arbitrary age to stop working.

What if I love what I do?

As a digital nomad, I work hard, go out late into the night, meet wonderful people, and explore and challenge what I know. It has always been the journey that matters to me as I am growing and striving to be better than I was the day before. Who will I meet? What will I learn? What languages will I speak? How will I become a more wise and better version of myself next year?

All of these questions should drive you to try it. You’ll have the freedom to answer questions about who you are. Find those experiences that fundamentally teach you more about yourself than anything has before. Find the people who challenge you and help you discover some of the greatest joys in life. When you travel and work, life is in front of you every day.

As a digital nomad, you get the rare gift of being in the moment. Take advantage of it.

However, not everyone should adopt this lifestyle. Many of you might not even like traveling, or you may have trouble balancing time. Managing time can be difficult because there is always more to be done. There are few routines and many times, people that you are living around, are on holiday. You have to work and they don’t and that’s tough.

For me, I believe I work more now that I am a digital nomad. Since I am running a business and writing while on the road, there are moments when I feel as though I can’t unplug. After all, the blessing of being able?to work anywhere is also the curse of not being able to disconnect. I don’t really experience complete disconnect very often. Part of this is due to the type of work I do, but it can be a common problem.

Find moments that are yours. This lifestyle of traveling and working forces you to pay attention to your time. I work most of every day. However, the way I spend my free time has changed.

Instead of me watching a movie, a sports event, or binging the most recent show on Netflix after work, I find myself using free time to hang out with a group from a Hotelschool in the Netherlands (so much love to you all!), hiking Mont Royal in Montreal, or just exploring a city with new friends. These are the best moments and my favorite aspects of being a digital nomad.

When I travel, I want to focus on opportunities in front of me, and to meet and interact with incredible and beautiful new people.

The reasons to become a digital nomad or remote worker are quite extensive and no one reason is right for everyone. So why did you take the plunge? Why did you find interesting in this article? How can I help you? If you’re ready, get out there and start your journey.

New article coming soon. How to become a a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker?

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