Hi! I'm Robert.

I am a writer, developer, and traveler working my way around the world.

Whether it’s consulting, a new website, tool, or article, I focus on delivering value in what I know best.

How can I help you?

Remote Work

For over 3 years, I have been traveling, exploring and building multiple businesses from workspaces around the world.


I write here, Allwork.Space, and various other publications about all things remote work, shared workspaces, and distributed teams.

Web Developer

I have been a developer for over 15 years now and am part of a team of agile developers, designers, marketers, and project managers building some of the coolest new tools and websites globally.

Life & Work

The world is interesting and challenging at the same time and we never know what’s next until we open up the door to new possibilities.

Most days, I am learning something new, trying to improve a skill, or working to build the best websites, tools, and experiences to support the ever changing needs of people.

Let’s do something cool together.

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